About DPB

David Paul Britton shares the Message of Christ in Word and song.

He has served the body of Christ as a worship leader, musician/songwriter/producer, radio show host, university consultant, Praise Team and Choral Clinician, Lutheran High School educator (1977 – 99), and Gospel messenger for over 45 years throughout the US.

David has been blessed with 3 children: Christopher, Joshua, and Hannah.

Joshua is married to Elizabeth; they have 2 children, Charlotte and Moses.
The Father seeks those who worship in spirit and Truth.  There is to be a heartfelt passion and relevance as God’s people worship, and David’s work is focused on sharing the encouragement, tools, and training for this.  This spans all genres of worship, from traditional to post-modern and beyond.  

He holds numerous degrees from Concordia University – Ann Arbor, Eastern Michigan, and Central Michigan, and is certified in Sociology, English, Communications, and Drama, as well as Music Education and Curriculum.  For decades, he has taught extensively in Choral and Instrumental music, and most recently has consulted and written University curricula in Worship Arts Leadership.

Having produced 9 CDs of original songs, hymns, and spiritual songs, he has been a regular presenter throughout The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod for scores of conferences, conventions, and Gatherings.  In 1999, he answered God’s call to establish MMME (Music, Mission and Ministry Education), a full-time faith-based ministry providing Word and song, worship leadership training, and resources for God’s people everywhere.

In a sight-and-sound world, the sight and sound of God’s Love and Truth brings hope and healing. From sanctuaries to lake-side parks, a retirement center or a pub, David touches hearts for the sake of Jesus’ Love and Truth.